The 7 Lessons Wisdom Path

8-Module Personal Learning Course

with Author, Physician and Spiritual Teacher

Karen Wyatt MD

Are you ready to proceed with a new 

sense of meaning and purpose in life?

Are you tired of courses that make big promises for

 "wealth" and "transformation" but seem to lead you


This course could be a good fit for you if you are looking for something totally different, with a new perspective on life, death and everything in between. Unlike many New Age coaching workshops, this course won't just feed your ego by giving you "what you want" in exchange for your money. 

In fact, The 7 Lessons Wisdom Path will teach you how to shine the powerful light of Truth on your own ego and illuminate the shadow aspects of your self that prevent you from living an authentic life. This is hard work, but it is the most important work you can do if you want to develop a spiritual life. As Greek philosopher Epictetus taught:

"If true wisdom is your object and you are sincere, 

you will have work to do on yourself."

Here's the real deal: you know that recurring dream you have of waking up in school to find you have an exam you haven't studied for? Well ... it's not a dream ... it's true: 

You are waking up right now to discover that you are a student

                                    ... at Earth University

                                          ... and you haven't done any of the homework

                                                ... and there's a test today ... and every day!

This course is part of the preparation you need to become a successful student at Earth U. You may have some studying to do to catch up, but it's never too late to start!

What You Will Experience on The Wisdom Path:

Each module will introduce you to one of the 7 Lessons Dr. Wyatt discovered while working with hospice patients at the end-of-life. These lessons will build upon one other as they direct you toward transformation and healing in your own life.

At the end of the course you will have looked at these questions and been offered tools to help you find your own answers:

  • Why is life so difficult at times?
  • How do I cope with suffering without being defeated by it?
  • What role does love play in my life?
  • Why should I learn how to forgive?
  • What am I doing here?
  • How do I stop worrying so much about the future?
  • What does it really mean to live fully and fearlessly?

All 8 Course sessions will be available immediately after purchase. You will have access to a webpage containing all 8 recordings and worksheets for each module. In addition you will also receive a weekly email with information on accessing the recording for the week and with additional support and encouragement for keeping up with the course work.

Listen to a Preview from the 7 Lessons Wisdom Path:

Wsdom Path Clip
Karen Wyatt (Karen Wyatt's Album)

Module 1: Learning to Embrace Our Difficulties

We will look at the basic tenets of Suffering in this module:

  • Why suffering is necessary in life
  • What we can learn from our suffering
  • How we ultimately can transform our suffering into spiritual growth
  • Practices for coping with our suffering

Module 2: Heartbreaking Love

For this module we will address Love as the ultimate path to growth:

  • How True Love differs from what we have been told
  • Why we must let our hearts be broken by love
  • The greatest possible vision for love in our lives
  • Tools for enhancing love 

Module 3: Releasing Resentment

In this module we come face-to-face with the baggage we are clinging to as we look at:

  • The "nitty-gritty" work of forgiveness
  • Why the ego alone is not capable of forgiveness
  • Why we have to rewrite our own stories in order to forgive
  • Daily activities to foster forgiveness

Module 4: Finding Heaven on Earth

For this module we turn to the present moment and learn:

  • Why nothing exists outside of this moment
  • How to make plans for the future while focusing on the present
  • The art of balance in the present moment
  • Techniques for fostering your presence in every situation

Module 5: Purpose in Every Moment

This module will turn upside down all our notions of Purpose and achievement as we learn:

  • How to rewrite our own scripts about meaning in life
  • Why we should stop striving for success
  • How to find the deepest purpose in the smallest moments of life
  • Practices for listening to guidance from the soul

Module 6: Letting Go

We will look at the importance of Surrender in spiritual growth by studying:

  • Where we have been unable to let go in the past
  • Why our attachments cause us more suffering
  • How we can find joy in our losses
  • Tools for approaching surrender

Module 7: Facing Fear

In the last module we will delve into our own fear of death as we learn:

  • Why death is necessary in order for life to exist
  • How death makes life more precious
  • Why facing up to death ultimately helps reduce all suffering in our lives
  • Exercises for contemplating death and dying

Module 8: Tying Up Loose Ends

During the 8th and final presentation, a summary of previous sessions will be presented along with a "game plan" for moving forward after the course.

Total Cost: $197.00

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